Solar PV Plant Design Construction Operation & Maintenance Team   Professional, Quality, Safety, Integrity, and Responsibility


Taiwan has an island-type climate with changing weather, natural disaster such as typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rainfall and high salt concentration are common here. Therefore, the safety and permanence of equipment and facility structures are prerequisites for consideration.
In view of this, we use strategic alliances to operate our company to strengthen the company's construction quality assurance, and the technical skill can maintain on the level, the stability and safety of the equipment is trustworthy.
Operations team management, design, and construction personnel have more than 7 years of professional experience in various construction sites.
Location: Nantou Capacity: 299.40kW Date of completion: 107.02.26
Location: Taichung Capacity: 270.4kW Date of completion: 106.12.27
Location: Hsinchu Capacity: 349.50kW Date of completion: 106.11.22
Location: Hsinchu Capacity: 6.00kW Date of completion: 107.04.02
Location: Hsinchu Capacity: 499kW Date of completion: 105.10.19
Location: Nantou Capacity: 15.30kW Date of completion: 107.04.03
Team Introduction
One team, One Big family, One TLST
Our Solar PV system business led by our technical personnel have more than 10 years of professional experience in the field, the design and construction personnel also have more than 7 years of professional experience.
In addition, the client service is our highest guiding principle, always put our clients first, and it is our task to create the best value for our client. It is our responsibility to establish the safety, stability, and reliability of equipment. The professional technical service is our expertise. Integrity and responsibility are the philosophy and lifeblood of us.
We are committed to attracting and nurturing talents who recognize our goals and values, and continue to invest resources to recruit and cultivate potential industry professionals to provide them with excellent development opportunities. Establish and maintain a diverse, safe and respectful work environment.