Q1 : Forms of Solar PV Plant Installation
Q2 : Required Documents for Solar PV system Installation
Q3 : How much is the Purchase Price from Taipower?
Q4 : Can electricity generated by Solar PV system be own use?
A : Electricity generated by Self-Consumption Solar PV Solution can be own use.
Q5 : The Key Elements of Planning and Design Solar PV system
Q6 : How to solve the problem of insufficient funds for Solar PV system?
A : In response to “Million Rooftop PVs” government project, it can be financing with qualified/legal companies.
Q7 : Will the typhoon cause damage to the Solar PV system?
A : Construction Methods
1.The solar panels have fixed by the bracket system, the structural technician certifies all structures, and the stress strength has guaranteed to withstand the strength of the typhoon level.
2.Planning construction methods according to the characteristics of the building, and in accordance with the construction points certified by the structural technicians, ensure that the solar panel installation meets the strength of the typhoon level
Q8 : How long does it take to install a Solar PV system?
Q9 : After Sales Service & Quality Assurance
A:In addition to maintaining the power plant regularly, install the monitoring system can help our clients to understand the operation of the power plant instantly. When we receive calls about malfunction equipment from our clients, the service personnel will arrive and help our clients to eliminate the malfunctioning within 2~8 hours on the same day.